Why Choose K-Style Gutters?

Also known as “Ogee Gutters”, K-Style gutters are the most popular type of rain gutter in North America. These gutters are called “K-Style” due to their shape (which looks like the letter K when viewed from the side); this shape prevents the gutter from bending when struck by debris and the elements. Commonly made with light materials such as aluminum, K-Style gutters have been the standard since the 1960s. Easy to install, durable, and with an attractive, stylish appearance, K-Style gutters are the go-to gutter style for any home.

5″ K-Style Gutter

  • 2″ x 3″ downspout
  • Most popular & most common
  • Perfect style & size for most homes
  • Lightweight

6″ K-Style Gutter

  • 3″ x 4″ downspout
  • Drain faster
  • Perfect for larger or steeper roofs
  • Easier to clean

Why Aluminum Gutters?

Seamless aluminum rain gutters are quite popular, and they are made at your home to ensure the exact lengths are obtained. It is no longer necessary to splice together 10-foot sections that will ultimately leak and separate. Instead, our “factory on wheels” comes right to your home.

Qualified contractors take measurements of your house and fit each rain gutter so you are getting exactly the right size. Yes, you read that correctly! if the back of your home is 50 feet across, we’ll put together a 50-foot piece of seamless aluminum rain gutter!

Benefits of Aluminum

Aluminum is a light weight product which will never rust and comes in 30 color options.

During manufacturing, sides are pre-finished with baked-on primer and enamel providing a superior protection from the elements and comes with a 100-year manufacturer material warranty. The material is thoroughly inspected for any defects and then shipped out to us, ready to be formed with our onsite seamless rain gutter machines.

Our Color Options

With over 30 colors in stock; we have the color that’s just right for your home

30° White

80° White

Royal Brown



Dove/Old Towne Gray

Colonial Gray

C.B. Blue

Beaver Brown

Sea Blue

Spanish Green

Leaf Green

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