What is Fascia? Top 5 FAQS about your gutters and fascia

Worker Attaching Aluminum Rain Gutter to Fascia of House.

When people think about gutters, they often ignore the surrounding elements that also make up the roofing and gutter region. In order to better maintain your home and understand the area around the gutter, it’s helpful to understand at least one additional term; fascia.

What is Fascia?

Fascia is an architectural term there refers to the flat board that covers the joint between the top of a wall and the eaves of a house. It’s considered a finishing trim, but without it, a house would look unfinished and exposed to the elements. The fascia is attached to the lower edge of the roof trusses.

In relationship to gutters, the fascia is the flat, board that the gutter is attached to, just below the line of shingles on the roof. The fascia carries most of the load for the last row of shingles. So although fascia is decorative, it’s also structural. Following are the five most frequently asked questions about fascia and gutters.

1. Does Fascia Ever Need Replacing?

Fascia is highly exposed to the elements, and weather elements are particularly harsh in the Pacific Northwest, where precipitation is higher than the national average. Whether or not you currently have gutters, you should periodically visually inspect the fascia around the perimeter of your house to ensure that it’s in good condition.

Damaged fascia can lead to water leaks, pest infestations and gutter problems, so if you do see something, you need to take care of it right away.

Fascia is fairly easy to replace. Since it basically consists of a simple wide flat board, you can simply cut out the damaged portion and replace that with new fascia board, then paint and seal to match the rest of your fascia.

2. Can Gutters be Installed That Match The Fascia?

Yes, depending on which gutter company in Pacific Northwest that you choose, and which style of gutters you decide to get, you could get gutters that match your existing fascia. Many homeowners opt to have gutters that match the fascia on their home because it tends to make the gutters less noticeable, and helps the gutter line to blend in with the house.

If you get aluminum gutters from Everyday Gutters, you can choose from 30 in-stock colors, one of which is very likely to match well with your fascia. An alternative is to match the fascia to the gutters. If you see a color of gutters that you feel would complement your house, you could repaint the existing fascia that same color for a perfect match.

Finally, some homeowners like the look of complementary—rather than matching—colors on their gutters and fascia. For instance, you could have black fascia and white gutters, or vice versa. There are many options available for colors, which makes it easier to integrate personal taste, as well as the style and color scheme of the house when it comes to choosing gutter colors.

3. New Gutters is a Great Time to Check Fascia

If you already have gutters on your house and you are replacing the old gutters, take advantage of this time to check for fascia damage. Your gutter installers at Everyday Gutters can help with this.

When we remove your old gutters, we pay special attention to the integrity and appearance of the fascia. After all, it’s the fascia board that will need to support the gutters. If we notice any fascia rot, gaps, bending, warping or other problems with the fascia, we let the homeowner know so that the fascia can be repaired or replaced before installing the new gutter system.

When a house is older, most homeowners decide to replace the fascia and the gutters at the same time, to ensure that the roofline is secure and that the new gutters have good structural support.

4. How Long Will New Gutters Last?

Aluminum is a very durable gutter material; considered to be one of the best. Thanks to modern technology, aluminum gutters are available in the Pacific Northwest that are seamless. This means that there are no joints in the gutters, which translates to even longer-lasting gutters for your home. Brand new gutters can last from 20 years to 40 years, even in the harsh weather that is typical of the Pacific Northwest.

If you replace the fascia at the same time as the gutters, you’ll likely get a longer lifespan from your gutters, on the higher end of the 20-40 year spectrum.

5. How Should Fascia and Gutters be Maintained?

A longer lifespan also comes down to maintenance. Visual inspections on a seasonal basis help to stop any potential issues before they become serious. Regular gutter cleaning will keep the water flowing well. Tree branches and other roof debris should be kept clear of gutters.

Gutters and fascia work together to keep your home looking great and functioning well. For more information about new or replacement gutters in the Pacific Northwest, please contact Everyday Gutters today!



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