6 Top Tricks for Cleaning Gutters from the Ground (Without a Ladder!)

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The work of clearing out gutters is one of the most potentially hazardous that can be done around the house. This challenging task typically requires the homeowner to climb up a ladder in order to reach the gutters and give them the cleaning they require.

However, anytime you climb up on a ladder, you place yourself in a precarious position and increase the likelihood that an injury may occur. Accidents while cleaning gutters from a ladder can result in concussion, shattered bones, or worse.

Thankfully, there are alternatives to climbing a ladder to clean your gutters. Here are some to consider:


Gutter Vacuum

Another option for cleaning gutters while standing on the ground is to use a gutter vacuum. You won’t need to climb a ladder to clean out your gutters if they are mostly clogged with debris like dried leaves, small twigs, pine needles, and similar light things that can be removed with a vacuum cleaner.

Gutter vacuum accessories can often be attached to the end of a leaf blower or a Shop-Vac without much difficulty. The device curls around the edge of a gutter and works using suction. The gutter debris is then drawn into a vacuum chamber for disposal.


Gutter Flusher

Another solution to the question of how to clean gutters without using a ladder is a gutter flusher. It does this by using a high-powered jet stream hose that attaches to your garden hose. It works by blasting away the accumulated gutter debris. The majority of gutter flushers are equipped with metal poles that can be extended and can be threaded onto any standard garden hose.


Gutter Sense Gutter Cleaning Tool

It was the goal of the designers of the Gutter Sense gutter cleaning gear to make it possible to clean gutters while standing on the ground. It is described as being able to reach a gutter on a second story, and to capture all different kinds of gutter debris, including pine needles, and hold onto them.

It can be connected to an extension pole for extra reach. Even when the extension pole is angled in a canted position, the tongs on the gutter sense gutter cleaning equipment are designed to run flat into the gutters they are cleaning.

It is important to keep in mind that the gutter sense cleaning tool, although constructed out of a strong glass-filled nylon, is still primarily made of plastic and may easily break if it is not handled with the appropriate amount of care.


Applicator for Cleaning the Gutters

The gutter cleaning applicator, available online, is a small but effective extension that attaches to a standard extension painter’s pole. The gutter cleaning applicator tool allows the homeowner to clean the exterior surfaces of gutters while standing on the ground.

This tool doesn’t clean the inside of the gutters, but if you have cobwebs or other debris adhering to the outside of gutters, this might just be the tool you need. (Note that it doesn’t come with the extension pole.)


DIY Solution For Cleaning Gutters Without a Ladder

For the DIYers out there, consider this ingenious solution for cleaning gutters without climbing a ladder. If you have a Shop Vac, add on as many pole extensions as necessary to reach to your gutters.

When you’ve done that, attach an aluminum duct elbow, available in any hardware department. Attach it with duct tape for good measure so it stays in place and to ensure good suction. Then, simply insert the elbow into the gutters and operate the Shop Vac.

This is a simple solution that keeps you from having to go out and buy a special gutter cleaning tool. Note that this solution might be a bit unwieldy, due to the heft of the Shop Vac extensions.


Tips For Cleaning Gutters Using any Method Above

No matter which method you choose for cleaning gutters without a ladder, there are a couple of tips that will make the job safer, faster and more efficient.

Clear Gutters When Debris is Dry

The best time to clear gutters of accumulated debris is when that debris is likely to be dry. This means waiting for a series of precipitation-free days before clearing gutters.

This makes it more likely that leaves, twigs and other matter will succumb to water pressure, vacuuming or some other method.

Wear Goggles

Any time you’re working on cleaning gutters, stray debris is likely to fall down over where you’re standing.

Since you’ll be looking up, there’s a high likelihood of debris falling into your eyes. Simply wearing an inexpensive pair of goggles may save you from a trip to the eye doctor.



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