Valuable Tips to Maintain Your Gutters Lifespan

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Do I need to maintain my gutters?

You don’t think about your gutters much, but you may know how important they are for protecting your home. Gutters run along the edge of your roofline and have the single job of carrying water from the roof away from the home. If you are a homeowner, you may think of them as that not-so-fun job of cleaning them out, but they are a true asset to your property. It is important to maintain your gutters, our professionals have prepared some tips to extend your gutters lifespan.


The Importance of Gutters

Gutters move water away from the home as the ice melts in the winter and rain strikes the roof. That’s an important task because, if the gutters are not in good condition, the water is going to run down the home, penetrating the soil around the foundation and creating an increased risk for foundation erosion. In addition to this, gutters help to protect the soffits and siding, keeping water off these areas that are sometimes more at risk for water damage.


Every Day Gutters in Vancouver WA points out that cleaning the rain gutter during fall season is recommended to maintain your gutters lifespan


What Type of Gutter Maintenance Is Necessary?

Unless you are handy, skilled, and have the right safety equipment, it’s always best to allow a professional to handle the gutter management and inspections. However, there are several things you need to do to maintain your gutters.

Gutter inspections

At least once a season, make sure you inspect the gutters from the ground while walking around your home to do so. If you spot holes or areas where the gutters are falling off of the home, that’s an indication that you need to make some repairs. If you notice debris in them, note that you need to clean them.

Gutter cleaning

The exterior of the gutters can get dirty, and spraying them off with a hose may be beneficial. You don’t want to see mold and mildew growth on your home or roofing due to the material in the gutters. You also need to consider cleaning the gutters thoroughly.

How often should you have your gutters cleaned?

This should be done any time you notice material within them, but also at a few times during the year, especially in the fall months and again in the spring.

Here’s what you should know about gutter cleaning:

  • No material should be in the gutters. If there is material here, like leaves or twigs, it prevents water from freely flowing down the gutters and away from the home.
  • The downspouts need to be cleaned too. These are the gutter structures that run down the side of the home and transport water away from it.
  • Leaves during the fall are one of the most common concerns with gutters. As the leaves from the trees fall, it is important to consider having the gutters cleaned.
  • Gutter guards and coverings can minimize the risk of debris buildup. Your gutter cleaning company can help you with them.
  • Anything left in the gutters during the winter could allow moisture to build, creating an ice dam that could cause damage to your gutters.

Common Problems and Gutter Repairs

If you have any signs of damage to your gutters, call a gutter company to come out to repair them. This includes:

  • Gutters that are missing or portions of missing gutters
  • Rusted or other types of significant holes on the gutters
  • Downspouts that are damaged or no longer connected
  • Gutters that are hanging from the roof
  • Gaps developing between the roof and the gutter itself
  • Clogged gutters which can cause further problems

In these situations, repairs are likely to be possible. However, performing these types of tasks can be a challenge because it requires getting up on a ladder to do so. That’s typically not safe and a good reason why you should call a company for help.

How Do You Know When Gutters Should Be Replaced?

There are a few key reasons to replace gutters. If they are missing, no longer able to be attached, or have significant damage to them, replacing them is often better than repairs. You may just need to repair them over and over again. You may also want to upgrade to a newer type of product or a more aesthetically appealing product over time as well.

To learn more, see our article: Determining Whether Your Gutters Need Replacement

What to Look for in a Company That Can Maintain Your Gutters

The company you choose to maintain your gutters needs to be experienced and have a dedication to providing superior workmanship to you. They may be able to offer a wide range of gutter solutions and have the time and talent to help you when you need repairs.

Choose a family-owned, local company that can provide you with support when you need it. That’s especially true when you are considering updating your gutters – you want to be sure you are turning to a company that can offer a wide range of products and provides a warranty for the work they provide. A company that offers comprehensive service can help ensure your gutters last their full expected lifespan.



What’s Next?

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