Wind Damage to Gutters: How It Occurs and Tips to Prevent It

wind damaged gutter

Gutters are among the most important components of your home’s exterior. It prevents rainwater from ruining your roof, siding, windows, basement and foundation. A common issue that residential roofing and gutter systems experience is wind damage.

Continue reading to learn how wind damage occurs in gutters and ways on how you can avoid it.


Windblown Debris

While many of today’s gutter systems feature more durable materials, they can only handle so much. During an extreme weather event, powerful winds can carry items that can harm your gutters. When heavy enough, debris can cause gutters to pull away and even separate from your home.

If your gutters already have existing issues or are not installed correctly, they are more likely to suffer damage. The simplest way to avoid this issue is to work with a reliable gutter installation company. At Northeast Gutters and Remodeling, we only use the highest quality products in the industry. Our team values efficiency, professionalism, respect and constant communication above anything else.


High Winds

Severe storms often come with high winds that can be too much for poorly installed and maintained or old gutters. Due to the shape of gutters, they can catch winds at specific angles, which makes them prone to rip-offs. The vertically aligned parts of your gutter system are also more prone to wind damage. You can avoid this issue by asking your contractor to reinforce your gutters.

loose gutters from wind

Metal Fatigue

Another thing that can make gutters more vulnerable to wind damage is metal fatigue. During storms, gutters move back and forth because of light and strong winds. Over time, this constant movement can weaken the metal gutter components, such as nails and screws that secure them in place. Regular inspections and maintenance can help with the early detection and repair of this issue.



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